The PetDialog timeline presents a chronological record of all your pet’s activities in a visual style that’s clear and easy to understand.​

So whether it’s a long walk, dinner or just a relaxing groom in front of the telly, everything your pet gets up to can be recorded in one handy place and available to share on your favourite social network site.


Pet Profile

Build your pet’s profile and keep all your pet’s important information to hand such as microchip and insurance details, not to mention their birthdays!​

Track the progress of their activities such as walks, playtime, weight and more, as well as managing those all-important medications.



This feature lets you track all your walks with your dog using GPS technology in the same way that you may track your jogging with a running app.​​

Simply turn it on when you leave the house and away you go. At the end of your walk, just tap the finish button and the app will record the route you took.

Don’t worry if you forget to start your walk in that mad flurry of excitement as your dog spots the lead in your hand – you can always add the details in by hand later on. You can even upload photos of your walks as a fun reminder of your adventures.


The Lifestyle Quiz

Does your cat go out hunting? How often does your dog spend making new dog friends when out on walks?​

Answer a series of simple questions about your pet’s lifestyle and in return you’ll receive some personalised recommendations to help keep your pet fit and healthy. What’s more, you’ll earn your pet a badge.



We know your pet means the world to you but with so many important things to think about every day, it can be easy for those important treatments and vet appointments to slip your mind.​

That’s no longer a problem thanks to this useful feature which allows you to create reminders for all your pet’s appointments and treatments, which will pop up when you need them most.


Photo Album

Your pets are an important part of the family and it’s great to be able to capture all those precious moments in a photo album you can treasure forever.​

Not only can you have fun looking back over time, but you can also share your pics with your friends as often as you want. (We all know social media was only really invented so the whole world could marvel at the cute things that cats and dogs get up to!). Upload your images in a matter of seconds and your favourite moments are added to your wall for instant sharing.


The Quality of Life Assessment

Only available when you connect with your vet

Quality of life is a measure of emotional well-being and can provide a deeper insight into your dog’s health.​​​ The assessment takes just 5 minutes to complete and the results are shared with you and your vet.

Step 1


A notification will appear when it’s time to take the assessment.

Step 2


Simply answer the short series of questions.

Step 3


The results will be generated automatically and shared with you and your vet.

PetDialog Vet Dashboard

A more detailed picture of your dog’s quality of life score is also available to your vet. This information allows you and your vet to review your dog’s results over time and compare them to healthy dog norms, highlighting any potential issues early.​

Measuring your dog’s quality of life over time will help you and your vet make more informed decisions on the best course of action to keep your dog in optimum health.​

For Vets