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PetDialog uses today’s advances in digital technology to help track pet health and deliver the best owner and veterinary care. The rapid growth of smartphones and apps is transforming many aspects of our day-to-day lives, including tracking and managing our own fitness and health. Similarly, PetDialog aims to help improve pet healthcare in important areas, such as health record recording and treatment compliance; communication and consulting; patient management and monitoring; and clinical decision-making.

App Features and Benefits

Keep in touch

With all your contact details on hand and the ability to send out targeted notifications, your help is never far away.

Improve treatment compliance

Set up important treatment reminders to help your clients keep on top of any course of medication you may have prescribed.

Set and track healthcare goals​

Help your patients achieve key milestones such as weight loss and improved dental care.

Enhance healthcare knowledge

Our lifestyle quiz is a fun way to give your clients personalised healthcare information and advice based on the lifestyle of their pet.

Gain a deeper insight
into your patient’s health

Improve early detection of disease and track treatment progress with
the canine Quality of Life Assessment

Pet quality of life assessment

What is Quality Of Life Assessment?

Using the pet's quality of life assessment tool

How does it work?

using the life assessment dashboard

Using the dashboard.

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